You finally made it. Welcome to THE International Marching Harmonica Band: the next big thing in music (which was the last big thing in 1858) and we fit into your pocket.

The main purpose of this website is to encourage you to make more music on the harmonica melodically with other people and as a soloist. You’ll become a more knowledgeable musician using real sheet music and theory. Learning some of this will be painful, but mostly it’s the good stuff and it’ll make you a happier and more competent human being.

This website is for diatonic and chromatic harmonica players. It is focused on playing harmonica with other musicians in ensembles. We don’t do blues harmonica here since there’s plenty of that on the internet already.

I use real sheet music with tablature meant to teach you more than just a series of numbers to memorize. Harmonica can be a wonderful instrument, so let’s take it seriously.

I am focused on teaching harmonica, developing advanced musicianship, playing melodies, using backing tracks, and of course playing multiple parts in ensemble work. I think the harmonica deserves better than being relegated to eight old white guys playing on their own back porches, or a bendy thing that sounds the same in every blues bar across the world.

Make good use of the menu to find what you need on the site. The front page will be the place to find the most recent updates to the site.

This website is always being updated. I try to make it as friendly on your phone as possible, but it’s definitely better on a computer.

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You can contact me at garyjugert@yahoo.com

There will be a separate log-in for copyrighted songs and I will be working on that soon.